Design the most exhaustive mobility platform

Be part of the design process to mobito mobility platform and help us build a product that is best tailored to your needs.

Are you a mobility expert?

The user research program seeks to bring together experts from the mobility field, in order to imagine together the mobility data sets and functions that can empower the next generation of smart mobility services. 

Your Role involves:

  • Expanding service to new markets

  • Or Communicating with city officials to ensure compliance with local rules

  • Or Acquiring data sources to contextualise service

  • Or Working on internal data analytics

  • Working on data partnerships

Working for a mobility operator or mobility service provider?

You are?

You are?

City official working in mobility operations or mobility planning?

Your Role involves:

  • Communicating with mobility service providers

  • Mobility Planning and strategising

  • Applying or working on European mobility projects

  • Designing / Communicating mobility rules and regulatory regulation

  • Working in the IT department of a governmental body

How it works ?

Come and participate in the design of a mobility platform that facilitates the exchange of mobility services and information. Join our community of testers and stay up to date with the mobility intelligence we generate.


Be part of the user research program

Click on the link below to register. We will send you a questionnaire which will help our team to offer you relevant studies. The more information you provide, the more likely you are to be contacted.



Test innovative solutions

If we invite you to participate in a study, we will give you all the details concerning the time, place and method of contact. You will have the option to fill in online surveys or visit us at our headquarters in Brussels or our satellite office in Athens.


Receive your reward

As a thank you for your participation, you will receive a gift voucher. You will be informed of its amount before participating. This way you will be a valuable member of the Mobito community. We will make sure to share with you mobility insights and latest updates of our product development.


Try the platform

Early access

Let us know that you are interested and get early access to our beta version of the platform  

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