Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to have an account so as to view listings at Mobito Marketplace?

You are able to navigate our Marketplace and view public data listings without a registration. You need to register to be able to interact with data listings (e.g.request access) and in some cases access classified information (e.g. pricing).

Does Mobito own the data of the listed data products?

No, Mobito provides the tools and platform for Data Owners to interact end-to-end with Data Consumers.

How can I delete my account?

You can send an email from the account that you want to get deleted at Please make sure that the subject is “I want to delete my account”.

Data Suppliers

Do I need to pay in order to offer my data through Mobito’s Marketplace?

Mobito is charging a fee to completed data transactions and offers a freemium subscription for Data Suppliers. The free account allows Data Suppliers to create Marketplace Listings and start monetizing their data at no cost. Please see our pricing here:

Can I offer my data via an API?

Yes, by creating a Proxy API Listing. Mobito will proxy your data without any storing. On this type of listing, you can also apply dynamic masking on sensitive data.

I don’t have an API. How can I offer my data to Mobito consumers?

You can offer your data in any file format by creating a S3 Bucket Listing type. In that case, your data files will be stored in Amazon S3 Buckets managed by Mobito. Only authorized users will have access to this data.

Do I have a control on who is accessing my data?

Yes you have full control on who can access your data. All consumer access requests need to be approved by you in your project dashboard.

Can I present my data in the Mobito marketplace without fully integrating them yet?

Yes, by creating a light version data product. It's a no-cost, low effort feature on our marketplace wherein you can publish a general description of your data product and market it directly to the end user. It allows you to publish your data product without integrating it immediately on our platform. Light version Data Products can be created just following 4 simple steps: 1. Register and access your dashboard 2. Create a New Data Product 3. Fill in required details until Step 2 - Light version 4. Submit

Can I edit my data product once it is published in the marketplace?

Yes of course, at any moment you can make changes to your published data product. Simply access your dashboard, select to open your data product, make the updates that you want and submit

Data Consumers

What type of payment methods does Mobito accept?

Mobito uses Stripe to process payments. All authorized Mastercard, VISA and American Express type of cards should be accepted. We can also process payments via wire transfers. Please contact us in case of any issue.

How can I resolve any question regarding a listed dataset?

You can send any question you may have at

I don't see listed in the Marketplace the data that I am looking for. Can I submit my data request somewhere?

Yes you can, by registering your data request in the Mobito marketplace. By creating a Data Request, you allow data providers to discover, evaluate and declare data availability. Mobito will use your request in order to identify and source the right data for you. You can create a Data Request following 4 simpe steps: 1. Register and access your dashboard 2. Create a New Data Request 3. Fill in required details 4. Select if you want your data request to be published in the marketplace or not 5. Submit