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City Mobility Terminal

Orchestrate your city's mobility activity and connect to external partners

We help you integrate your city’s mobility related information in one place and gain control of mobility data flow. Integrate and standardize mobility information from city sources, mobility operators and infrastructure to become Smart City Ready.

Connect to mobility market players


Improve your city's mobility offering

Facilitate a seamless integration of services with your city and increase your city's mobility offerings through access to unlimited mobility modules by 3rd parties

Mobito Modules


Mobility City Profiling

Understand your city’s mobility needs and compare with other cities through analytics on movement flows of different modes of transportation, roads orientation and other. 


Street Waste Management

Optimize your waste management to decrease the time needed for garbage collection, reduce trucks’ time on the road as well as their contribution to traffic.


Urban Parking Management

Map your designated parking spots and get recommendations on managing your citizens parking requirements, increasing parking spaces’ usage and tackle illegal parking

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Other Modules

Accidents prevention, Traffic optimization, Micro-Mobility management, Air pollution control, Electric Vehicles infrastructure planning

3rd Party Modules


Integrate third parties modules to facilitate a seamless integration of mobility operators to your city and enable new partnerships and revenues sources.

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