Mobility Terminal

For enterprises

Access the city mobility ecosystem by connecting to mobility information and stakeholders

Mobility Terminal for Entreprises offers mobility insights that help you optimize your operations, understand your users and gain actionable intelligence on your areas of operations. We specialize in combining disparate data source to generate mobility related insights that add value to your services.

Access multiple mobility ecosystems


Create your Module

Develop your Mobility module on our platform and connect to the mobility ecosystem. Access the information you need to develop key mobility functionalities for cities and other businesses. Integrate seamlessly in different cities.

Access Mobility Information

Individual Mobility Insights

Gain access to insights that characterize your user base and help you personalise your offering and leverage contextual information.

Driving Score Index

eg. 86% eco-driving score

Get a better understanding of your fleet’s driving performance and improve driving behavior.

Walking tolerance index

eg. 1.5 km average walking distance

Incorporate your users’ willingness to walk and optimize services such as user routing and fleet’s allocation in the city.

Contextual Mobility Insights

Gain access to insights that characterize your areas of operations and become equipped with the knowledge needed to adjust your operations and offering to local characteristics.

eg. 80% vacancy probability

Parking City Plan

Access information on public parking spaces, usage and restrictions.

Road Statistics

eg. ​60km/h avg driving speed

Access past statistics and predictive insights of cities' mobility behavior

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