Terms and conditions


Mobito will run a survey in form of questionnaires with the purpose of understanding key elements around the willingness of businesses, organizations and cities to share and exchange data related to mobility assets, services and needs.

Hereby you can find what kind of data will be collected, how they will be used and what are your options if you decide to opt-out at any moment after having participated.


What we collect and how

If you choose to participate in our questionnaire we will potentially collect your email, name, workplace and current business title. The collection will take place by filling out a questionnaire.


Why we collect them and how we will use the data

We collect the above data in order for us to be able to reach back to you ( place of work ) for further clarifications and/or potential service offerings. We will never use the info that you provide to us in order to do personalized marketing campaigns outside the interest of your organization, neither we will share it with any legal or physical third party entity outside our organization.


How long we will keep the collected data

The collected personal data will be kept under the data controller for a period no less than 6 months and no more than 18 months, effective from the date of collection.


How secure is the data in our possession

For the duration period that the data will be on our possession we take all possible technical measures to ensure that they are safely stored and accessed only by the appointed persons responsible to carry on data processing tasks.


Who to contact

If you have any questions or change your mind after having participated in our questionnaire(s), please contact the person currently serving as Data Protection Officer at: dpo@mobito.io