"Mobito" is an abbreviated name for Mobility of Tomorrow. Our team shares a common passion towards improving urban traffic and leveraging data to enact positive changes in our society.


To that end we are bridging the gap between mobility stakeholders and unlocking mobility data to create a more connected, sustainable and efficient urban environment to help them incorporate data in solutions that address mobilities' key issues.




Our team has developed deep industry expertise with a previous success in the mobility space and is excited to be part of the industry's transformation.


We are honest, curious, courageous.. and sometimes outrageous. We are always looking to collaborate with like-minded people that are curious, hard working and make no compromise on integrity. We want you to join us in shaping the mobility of tomorrow.


Alex Chomatas

​Product Owner

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Apostolos Masiakos

Head of Technology

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 George Cambanis

Head of Business

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George Kolovos-Gkezerlis

Front End Engineer

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Konstantinos Gounitsiotis

Head of Product

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Marios Papanikolopoulos

Managing Director

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Neel Sanjaykumar Shah

Business Development Intern

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 Theodore Pantazopoulos

Software Engineer

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Vangelis Petratos

Tech Lead

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