Appyway’s Parking API integrated in the Mobito Data Marketplace

The two companies are collaborating to increase the reach of functional kerbside intelligence to more industries and use-cases, though an API Marketplace Listing that allows users to understand, evaluate and access underlying data.

AppyWay’s Parking API is now integrated on Mobito’s Data Marketplace, at Appyway is digitizing the kerb and transforming what is viewed by many as static cement to a dynamic data source for local governments and businesses. Appyway has developed the largest digital twin of the UK’s kerbside- providing the most accurate, standardized and interoperable dataset there is. With over 450 cities, the company provides the most comprehensive data insights on Britain’s parking.

This Marketplace Data Listing aims to fuel services and products that remove the friction, uncertainty and frustration from parking. The data product caters to the needs of OEMs, mobility service providers and fleet operators including utilities and logistics.

“Parking in London without it is a nightmare” — Stuart Newton, Morrison Utility Services.

Simplified compliance and lower operating costs are just the beginning of how businesses are using this data to unlock new revenue opportunities. Specific focus areas of the value generated from this data include:

Improving Drivers’ Experience: Drivers have individual preferences when it comes to parking. From nearest to cheapest, AppyWay’s parking insights make it easier to customise parking choices for customers. AppyWay enables drivers to comply with parking regulations, providing OEMs and mobility comp