Data Usage in Automotive Virtual Engineer

It has been years since virtual engineering was first introduced and the practice started to get adopted by engineers in a wide range of industries. Nowadays, various tools, methodologies and approaches, which belong to this practice, have been subsumed under standard engineering.

Notwithstanding the hyped use of “digital” and “virtual” in the press and in market research pieces, the underlying engineering toolset has helped transform the way in which the digital world informs engineering applications and decision making.

From the very first use of CADs (computer aided designs) and other analysis tools up to recent machine learning techniques and simulations, virtual engineering has contributed substantially in evolving the way in which engineers frame and solve problems. Most importantly, by replicating machinery, assets and systems in a virtual environment, engineers became able to test the behavior of these in more dimensions, experiment at lower cost and deliver faster understanding.

Automotive R&D Applications of Virtual Engineering