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Digital technologies can reduce our environmental footprint by 20%

Accounting for 19% of total emissions, the #mobility industry is the third largest green-house gas emitting sector. A comprehensive study shows that digital use-cases can reduce global GHG emissions, also known as the environmental footprint, by 20%. As a consequence, the mobility industry stands to benefit the most from such technologies.

💡 Some of these technologies include:

  • Decision-making technologies such as Digital Twin and AI/ML models

  • Sensing technologies including IoT devices

  • Enabling technologies including 5G

  • Foundational technologies including Big Data Analytics

👉 Mobility data is essential for the development of digital technology use cases in the transport sector and can be combined with various data sources to enabling multiple use-cases:

  • Smarter incentive systems with real time tracking and charging of emissions

  • More intelligent infrastructure planning and traffic management

  • Adoption of lower-carbon options such as eBikes, scooters or transit

  • More efficient vehicles and transportation assets, optimising fleet solutions

  • Intelligent route-optimization

An increasing number of transport sector players are now choosing to access data through marketplaces to gain insights and reduce carbon emissions. On the other hand, vehicle data providers can use such platforms to develop their own data monetization strategies.

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