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eLichens’ Air Quality API integrated in the Mobito Data Marketplace

The two companies are collaborating to increase the reach of air quality data to more industries and use-cases, through an API Marketplace Listing that allows users to understand, evaluate and access underlying data.


eLichens’ brand new Air Quality API is now integrated on Mobito’s Data Marketplace, at eLichens’ Air Quality API offers worldwide coverage of comprehensive pollution data parameters in real-time, forecast and history. This includes exclusive high resolution pollution information for 300 major cities worldwide, derived from eLichens’ patented air quality modelling technology. The API falls within eLichens’ complete outdoor air quality offer that empowers citizens, communities and organizations willing to address the global environmental challenge of improving air quality.

Helping Smart Cities to incorporate air quality into traffic management

Complying to rapidly changing regulatory requirements on ambient air quality requires public authorities to base their policies on local pollution data. Monitoring street-level AQI and concentrations of relevant pollutants can isolate the pollution contribution of traffic emissions such as Particulate Matter 2.5 (PM2.5) or Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). Real-time ultra local air quality data therefore makes it possible for Governments to implement new traffic rules or to monitor the impact of existing ones.

Empowering citizens with air pollution data

The World Health Organization (WHO) has shown the correlation between air pollution and human mortality through several studies, with an estimated 7 million people who die because of air pollution-related diseases every year. Citizens and consumers worldwide are growing more aware of the issue and want to make the right decisions for themselves, their family, their community. Local pollution forecasts will soon become a crucial decision-making information parameter in the daily lives of citizens, similar to the role of the weather forecast. Air quality data is made more accessible to the public though numerous and varied interfaces, going from consumer apps to commercial billboards to urban screens. The eLichens API Listing in Mobito’s Marketplace provides seamless data delivery to fuel such use-cases.

“After years of development and intensive testing in cities over the world, our Team had created the best-in-class Air Quality API” said Marc Attia, CMO of eLichens “We are delighted that our Air Quality API is now listed on the Mobito Data Marketplace and making our API accessible to a broader target user.

“We see Air Quality gaining prominence in the decision-making of key urban participants and we are very glad to partner with an innovative company like eLichens and add a flexible and robust API data product in our Marketplace”, George Cambanis, CEO of Mobito. “This expands our Data Catalogue of Mobility and Weather Data with Air Quality, allowing us to enrich the contextual information we make available to insurers, traffic planners, OEMs and other Marketplace participants”.

About eLichens

Founded in December 2014, eLichens’ mission is to pioneer the smart sensor networks through innovative air quality sensing solutions and services for citizens, communities and organizations. eLichens relies on a wide portfolio of patents, know-how and skills to offer a complete range of air quality and multi-gas detections solution, addressing Industrial Safety, Gas Utilities, Smart Home and Smart City markets. eLichens is headquartered in Grenoble, France and has offices in Paris, France and in the Silicon Valley, USA.

About Mobito

Mobito enables businesses to benefit from the value of their own data and gain smart access to external data through a Data Marketplace. Mobito helps companies to create robust Data Products that smarter data exchange. The company is focused on streamlining the data exchange processes of discovery, selection, data access, transaction and legal sign-off. The offered data catalogue is tailored to the needs of the Insurance and Transportation Sectors and includes specialized Weather, Vehicles, Mobility and Infrastructure data. Mobito is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium


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