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Introducing "Data Capsules"

We are happy to share with you our latest product release: Data Capsules.

From our numerous interactions with data suppliers and consumers in the Mobito Data Marketplace, we have identified the need for users to have a more structured and efficient way to exchange with other companies on the data exchange specifications of each project.

Current tools are not adequately addressing these needs.

This was confirmed from our recent industry-wide Mobility Data Survey, where we found out data transactions often take up to 6 months to be completed. The transactions' completion time doesn't correspond to immediate businesses' needs and prevents companies from effectively scaling their data products and data business.

Introducing Data Capsules

What are they ?

Digital workspaces where organisations meet to manage and have full control of their data exchange projects. This is especially relevant for data products that are not accessible via API.

With this release, companies can use data capsules to:

  • Structure the rounds of clarifications needed to understand data provider's data availability and data specs. Consumers are guided to raise data-listing questions directly to data providers

  • Communicate with other companies though in-platform chat functionality, in the context of specific data projects

  • Receive instant email notifications that decrease responsiveness time

  • Share custom sample files and relevant documentation directly

Data Capsules Snapshots

Selecting data attributes for clarifications

Resolving issues in in-platform chat

What's coming up next?

As we aim to increase fulfilment rates and reduce transaction times, data capsules will incorporate additional functionalities that offer complete control of the whole end-to-end data exchange management process:

Upcoming Data Capsules Features:

  • Custom data requests: Customise your data request to fit your project needs. Specify the location, data attributes, frequencies, data volume and project timeframe and send your request to the data provider

  • Commercial agreement: Providers to prepare and send a custom offer to the consumers based on agreed specifications

  • Contract management: Sign and manage your contracts and data licences in one place

  • Billing: Schedule and manage your billing payments

Interested to find out how you can leverage data capsules to consume and/or monetise data in an easy way?

-> Sign up to the Mobito Data Marketplace and

-> Book a 30-min call to speak with the Mobito Team 🌐

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