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Introducing "Light Listings"

We are happy to announce a new and easier way to make your data products available to the Mobito Data Marketplace!

In Mobito we acknowledge that data exchange and the required data integrations often require time commitment and resources. In order to decrease time-to-market for data providers and increase our users' interactions we have introduced “Light Listings”.

As a data provider, in just a few steps your data product availability can easily be established. By creating a “light listing” of your data product you can post your availability at the Mobito Data Marketplace, thus allowing potential consumers to:

  1. discover it

  2. review it

  3. express their interest.

After introducing a light listing, users can resume the Data Listing creation process, at-will, to integrate their data sources and transform a Light Listing into a Full Version Listing.

Throughout the data creation and edit process, users are guided by a self-integration wizard.


Alongside the new feature, you can see a thorough redesign of the Listing page itself, as we have introduced a new logic and structure for Data Listings. This way potential data consumers can evaluate and understand the value of your data in an easier way.

Visit your dashboard or signup and make your data products available.

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