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The Adoption of Third-Party Data by Fleet Operators

Fleet owners are increasing their adoption of connected vehicle data to offer better services and run more efficient fleet management operations.

👉🏼 Only 8% of fleets are actively using connected vehicle data, but 78% of the larger fleets (>500 vehicles) are in the process of adopting connected vehicle data services to enhance fleet solutions.

Companies are also increasingly moving beyond simply using vehicle location data to incorporate CAN-bus data that provide additional driving behavior and contextual information. The more advanced companies “cross-fertilise” vehicle- captured-data with external data to develop richer and more connected experiences.

By leveraging the value of this data fleet owners can:

  • Enable location services (e.g. optimized routing & anti-theft)

  • Save on repair costs with predictive maintenance

  • Improve safety and productivity through driving coaching

  • Offer personalized recommendations and notifications

The data flow is increasingly bi-directional, with many fleet operators now making their data available through marketplaces to connect with third-party organizations.

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