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MOBITO, DOTSOFT and PRISMA Electronics Collaboration in Pleiades Innovation Cluster

MOBITO, DOTSOFT and PRISMA Electronics participate as members of Pleiades Innovaton Cluster, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union and Greek national funds through the Operational Program Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, under the call 'CLUSTERS OF INNOVATION/COIs' (project code: ΓΓ2CL-0364874)

During this project a horizontal platform was developed, on which vertical smart city solutions were integrated, creating both a basis of data interoperability, exploitation and cooperation with significant growth potential and enabling specific innovative products and services that leverage this data.

Specifically in this context and during the duration of this project there were 7 vertical solutions that were developed as well as a horizontal Digital ΙοΤ Data Market Place - developed by MOBITO - with a role to connect this ecosystem with external data exchange opportunities.

As demonstrations of the Digital ΙοΤ Data Market Place functional role, MOBITO has created Data Listings demonstrating data generated from the two verticals that Dotsoft and PRISMA participate in:

  • Smart Solar System [PRISMA Electronics]

  • Remote Health Care [Dotsoft]

DotSoft - ECG Patient DataThe developed platform, named Pleiocardia, consists of a mobile application and a web-based administrative backend application. The primary objective of the mobile application is to collaborate with smartwatches, specifically Withings, to collect data from individuals facing challenges with their cardiovascular system. The goal is to diagnose potential risks of atrial fibrillation in a timely manner. The operational model places the patient at the center. After registering in the Pleiocardia app and selecting a healthcare provider, the patient uses a Withings smartwatch to gather ECGs (electrocardiograms). The data from the smartwatch is then transferred to the mobile phone and forwarded to the central cloud-based database of the project. An AI algorithm is applied at this central database to calculate the risk of atrial fibrillation based on the patient's ECG. All these data are made available to the treating doctor, providing a comprehensive view of the patient's health status. This information empowers the doctor to formulate an appropriate treatment plan for the patient. Access and treatment of this data will follow very strict GDPR compliant procedures including client’s consent and best practices in data security and data governance. Following this integration, MOBITO’s Marketplace offers a structured way for this data to be accessible through the relevant Data Listing: DotSoft ECG Patient Data In summary, Pleiocardia integrates mobile technology, smartwatches, cloud-based data storage, and AI algorithms to enable early detection of cardiovascular risks and facilitate informed decision-making by healthcare providers for personalized patient care. Listing page in the Marketplace demonstrating DOTSOFT ECG Patient Data:

  • PRISMA - Smart Solar Heater DataThe objective of the project is the creation of a smart solar heater for domestic use, granting the user visualisation of heater sensor and environmental data and remote access to its management.The Pleione Smart Water Heater System collects domestic use of water heater data, creates the basis of information for energy consumption and savings towards sustainable water heating improving the quality of life of citizens.To achieve the project's objective, the System leverages new low-power IoT technology networks, such as the public 0G network and low power sensors on high-end solar water heaters at the rooftops of home buildings. Thus, it features the best long term quality with the smallest possible carbon footprint concerning efficient use of energy and computing resources.The data can be used for the following use-cases::

  • Active and continuous information of water heater energy usage and cost-of-living savings because of solar energy.

  • Household well-being.

  • Formulating water heater usage and trends of households for energy provider risk assessment.

  • Monitoring maintenance and storage conditions of the water heater tank locations – rooftops

Following the creation of the relevant data listing, MOBITO’s Marketplace offers a structured way for this data to be discoverable and accessible:: Prisma Smart Solar Heater Data

Listing page in the Marketplace demonstrating Prisma Smart Solar Heater Data:

Following the open data standards of the horizontal platform implementation, Integrated data is made available in FIWARE compatible data schemas in order to offer an interoperable, comprehensive and seamless access to external data consumer applications. Available data delivery mechanisms through the Marketplace include API- and S3 buckets- data access methods.

Through these Data Listings in the Marketplace, interested users can evaluate key data specifications, access data sample and communicate directly with Data Provider/Owner in order to clarify questions that arise in their data evaluation and enable an end-to-end data exchange proc

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