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Orange Data Provider Showcase

Interested in understanding people’s movement and improving your services and operations with anonymised mobile phone data?

Welcome our new partner Orange and three innovative data products listed in the Mobito Data Marketplace:

CrowdMonitor uses Mobile telco data to provide the end-user with nearly real-time counts in 1 or more geographical areas.

Origin/ destination analysis gives insights on the traffic to/ from a certain research area.

Footfall data gives insights into the daily and hourly footfall within certain geographical areas. Geographical areas can be shopping areas/streets, train stations or other public areas upon request.

These data products are generated from 6M+ active SIM cards in Belgium and are used in:

👉🏼 Retail Site Planning for brands and multi-tenant site owners

👉🏼 Organisation of large events for security professionals & event planners

👉🏼 Infrastructure planning for developers and city planners

👉🏼 Traffic-based routing for mobility operators

👉🏼 Visitor profiling for anyone seeking to understand origin and demographics of people in a given area.

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