VIASAT telematics’ vehicle data are offered as a Data Product in the Mobito Data Marketplace

The two companies are collaborating to increase the accessibility and ease of use of anonymized driving behavior and road conditions data. This marks an innovation in the space where data discovery and data collaborations have been particularly strenuous and time-consuming.

VIASAT GROUP is a network of interconnected companies that develop innovative technologies with passion and imagination to make people’s lives and the work of companies simpler, more sustainable and safer. The large customer base of VIASAT Group with installed telematic devices in their vehicles means that VIASAT has been aggregating invaluable data from more than 780,000 vehicles driving (fleet, insurance and smart connect). This data contains driving behavior characteristics as understood by acceleration, steering, GPS data and other data, road quality conditions are calculated by the vehicles’ measurements on Unevenness and road friction.

Mobito is collaborating with VIASAT to take the hustle away from accessing and unlocking the value of this data. Interested parties will be able to interact with the relevant Marketplace Listing, review the relevant documentation, assess a data sample, sign the data license and access all information needed to evaluate if the underlying data fits their needs.

“The current mobility model offers ample scope for action to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of pollution, accidents, traffic jams and lack of efficiency of public transport services — costs that are borne by society” said Marco Petrone, CEO of VIASAT Group. “The objective is to create, through the analysis of data, a detailed knowledge of the current state of road mobility. All of this will also allow us to understand the characteristics of mobility and traffic flows. All this information, if properly processed, allows us to assess, based on objective data, the need for interventions to upgrade, improve and strengthen the road networks, and to acquire a methodology of analysis with which to support the planning of targeted interventions in the field of sustainable mobility.”