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New Data Suppliers on the Mobito Data Marketplace


We are excited to share with you the new data suppliers that have been integrated in the Mobito Data Marketplace. Users can now access additional Vehicle, Mobility and Weather data from 7 new data providers!

Vehicle Data

  • Webfleet Solutions


Webfleet is Europe's number one fleet management solution. It offers vehicle fleet probe data or floating car data including vehicle type, speed, location & more for 1.2 million vehicles globally. Use cases - monitoring of vehicles, increasing safety, reducing costs, understanding traffic in certain areas and more. Discover more

  • Non-Disclosed Vehicle Data Partner

With this data partner, we make available historical vehicle fleet management data for ~60,000 vehicles globally. Data includes static vehicle attributes such as vehicle brand, type and driving behavior information including speed, location, duration, direction and more with high accuracy on a historical and real-time basis. Use cases - analysis of driving profiles, traffic patterns, vehicle conditions and more. Discover more

Mobility Data


  • Locatus


Locatus is a market leader in the field of independently sourced retail information in Europe. They gather their own data on all shops and consumer-oriented service companies in the Benelux region, providing indispensable information on store area, size, footfall trends and more. Use cases - retail market analysis, location decisions, infrastructure planning, store popularity and more. Discover more

  • SCCA Advisory


SCCA has exclusive partnership with leading technology companies certified in Proximity Marketing and Analytics. It offers pedestrian behavior data such as unique visitors in proximity, footfall at malls/stores, heatmaps, paths and more across Europe and Saudi Arabia. Use cases - behavior profiling, loyalty analysis, popularity of a store or location and more. Discover more

  • Ualabee


Ualabee is a leading crowdsourced mobility solution for fastest and safest travel by public transport in South America. It offers a rich mobility database covering origin-destination analytics, type of transport used, security issues reported and more. This data serves well the needs of transport agencies, geo-survey companies, mobility planners and service providers. Use cases - add geolocated information layers in your maps, predict road accidents and mobility behavior, improve transport services, understand and benchmark public transport and occupancy and design better transport networks architecture and more. Discover more

  • The Good Seat


The Good Seat provides access to 15+ major ride hailing services and data in one single integration in France. Their API offers both an efficient booking service that aggregates ride hailing supply and provides detailed information on trips conducted including origin, destination, time, fares, and associated application searches and queries. This data can be a great asset for ride hailing bookings. Use cases - understand mobility activity for mobility operators, fleet deployment, behavioral analysis studies and more. Discover more

Weather Data

  • WeatherSource


WeatherSource is a global weather data provider that integrated 4 listings in our marketplace offering historical, nowcast (current), forecast and climatology weather data. The provider aggregates information from multiple weather sensing inputs to provide a hyper localized global coverage of all major weather data attributes. Use cases - User can request data by lat/long and feed their models with precise weather data. Discover more

  • AerisWeather


AerisWeather provides hyper-local global weather data in real time, historical records that date back to 2011 and 15-day forecast. In addition to weather data, it provides air quality, natural disasters, alerts and more weather attributes. Discover more

We continuously expand our specialized data coverage that serves the needs of automotive OEMs, insurances and mobility service providers based on enterprise client requests. Can't find the data you are looking for? Start a free data scouting mission by filling in this Data Description Form.

Please visit our website for more information on our Data Exchange Platform, our data coverage and ways of working together.

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