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5G: The Key to Smart Cities

Embedded connectivity is already unlocking features that are changing the experience of owning and driving a car. Advanced connected vehicles can now support over-the-air updates, with real-time transmission of vehicle data, where the manufacturer is able to remotely change a car's speed limit.

5G and the increase in data transfer capabilities further improve in-vehicle services by enabling them to: - Process data locally before sending a subset of data or derivative insights to the cloud - #edgecomputing - Communicate with the infrastructure around them, understanding and responding to traffic lights and road speed limits - #V2X - Share between them real-time-information about road hazards and traffic. According to Thales, “the next wave of connectivity will see the car in constant conversation with other vehicles” - #V2V

With 5G, mobility data is being used to develop more use cases breeding data buyers and sellers in the mobility sector. 5G is now providing the required key technology to power the data exchange industry.

Check out below the increased capabilities brought about by 5G’s wider bandwidths:


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